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Travel: Product Manager (International Snow Holidays)


This is Initially a Temporary position, but it will likely become Permanent. We will also also consider an expert on a short-term contract basis (even part-time/casually) to assist a second (permenant) person.

The job presents a great opportunity to personally head the expansion of a domestic snow travel business into international snow travel.

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You will be setting up new supplier relationships for the commencement of international snow bookings. You will be single-handedly sourcing profitable travel packages, starting this from scratch. You will search for and determine the most appropriate suppliers for our purposes. This involves setting up and managing co-operative arrangements with business partners (eg: travel operators, consolidators, agencies, regional tourist offices etc).

Alongside the owner of the business you also need to price them for the end consumer and assist with preparing ????? ?????-line (pdf) brochures & other sales info. You will work with the owner to set up procedures for quoting, taking & managing bookings.

Initially you will also handle most enquiries and bookings. Down the track extra sales & res staff will take over much of this. The role will include responsibility for all net sales margins earned from overseas travel.

You will work closely with the owner, but the owner needs your particular skills & experience to set this up.

Experience & Qualifications

  • Fluent English. Other languages are a bonus (especially: French & Japanese)
  • Experience as a travel product manager, preferably in snow travel
  • If you have previously only worked in bookings, sales or reservations then you are unlikely to be suited for this job, but perhaps you learnt a lot enough about the product side of things from your previous roles?
  • You need to be decisive and able to move with speed to implement ideas. Beyond prior experience, we require a passionate self-starter to help us get this off the ground
  • You should have a strong knowledge of skiing and/or snowboarding, including a knowledge of travel and lifestyle aspects of the sport. Ideally you are an experienced skier/boarder. But a highly skilled travel product manager may be suitable even without snow experience
  • You should have strong interpersonal skills that helps you to connect with clients and business partners
  • Ideally you have previously demonstrated success in building profitable business relationships, and developing and executing promotional strategies.
  • Ideally you have a natural ability to problem-solve using creative thinking and innovation
  • You need strong PC skills. Extensive experience with PCs and Excel is a bonus
  • QUALIFICATIONS: No specific qualifications are required but I would be surprised if an experienced product manager is not at least TAFE qualified in travel and/or business administration.

Temporary or Permanent?

If you are only interested in a temporary job then this is not a problem, just skip the next (indented) section.

Expert Advisor: If you have very specific expert experience for this then its feasible to do this casually (in spare time), as a consultant with the idea being that I’d hire someone less experienced to take over and/or implement from your framework & advice.

Temporary Job: The job will only be offered as temporary at first as the profitability needs to be tested first.

Permanent Job: There are 2 possibilities for the job to be permanent:
(1) If the international expansion is successful such that I need you permanently to mainly handle the international side of the business, or
(2) if you can wear 2 hats (one for each half of the year) you may also be suitable for the role with the domestic snow travel business. Details of this can be found here: (this is the 2012 version, I won’t be writing the 2013 version for some time but it will be essentially the same)
NOTE: I should point out that if it is successful (as I expect it will be) then you’d be getting your foot in the door very early at an expanding business so potentially a great position in future with rewards to suit. I hope to have several permanent staff within a year or two.

About the Business

Ski Kaos is looking to expand. So far Ski Kaos has been operating since 1989 exclusively offering ????? ????? holidays. It’s largely been a “1½-person show”. I run the office alone for half the year, and also hire a temporary assistant for the other half. There are also several casual staff for promotions & operations, but these aren’t office staff. As it stands, with all the off-season set-up & preparation it’s pretty much year round work for me.

Ski Kaos offers bus trips to Thredbo as well as accommodation booking in Thredbo. We also have limited bookings to other destinations (Perisher, Jindabyne, Falls Creek). We are Thredbo wholesalers. Total annual sales are about $1.3mil. We have an extensive customer base with over 15,000 people on our email list. Many of our existing clients are very interested in booking overseas snow holidays with us but we have never had any to offer.

I now want to expand Ski Kaos by offering ????? ????? holidays (and possibly non snow holidays also). Right now I need someone with specialist skills to set Ski Kaos up for international bookings. Ski Kaos already ready has an extensive the customer base and many are very eager to book overseas snow holidays with us.

The Work Environment

The work is from a dedicated 4th floor home office in Neutral Bay 250meters from Military Rd. Although I aim to move us into an office (very close by) in the near future. The home office is very well–equipped and set up for two people. Parking is rarely a problem, and it’s 250m from Military Rd (ie: near bus stops etc). When it’s warm I work in shorts and a T–shirt but once it’s cooler I usually wear jeans - so you can dress how you like. I am interested in good, accurate down-to-earth professional work, and results not formality.

Work Hours

Official work hours are Monday – Friday 9:00 – 5:30 with 30mins for lunch. The option to work overtime may be commonplace, or possibly not – it really depends upon the success of the new venture. If it’s a permanent job then during ????? ????? – August, hours will likely be longer on most days.


As a Contract Job: If you are an expert as an International Snow Travel Product Manager, and not interested in a full-time/permenant job, then you may want to offer your assistance with this: part time, casually, or in your spare time. Most likely on a very short term basis or possibly very casually on a longer or indefinite term – pay for this is negotiable

As a Permanent Job: The job will only be offered as temporary at first. Assuming it does morph into a permanent role then a salary (possibly with bonuses/commission) will come into play. But first note that I am aiming for this to be a success such that joining at the seedling stage will have strong rewards within a successful future.

As a temp job: Remuneration will mean pay for every hour you work.
• $20 – $29 per hour PLUS a commission Pay is for every hour you work. 9% super is in additon to base pay. Pay is negotiable if you are highly qualified.
• A commission and/or bonus (based on results) is a possibility that we can discuss
• Overall pay rate will depend upon: your present or recent earnings; your experience and qualifications; which tasks you can perform; and the skill level you bring
• I envisage a 2 – 3 week trial period before a longer temp period is agreed upon. I’d expect this would last until at least April, but well before this it should be clear to us both if the job is going to be permanent or not.

Are You Interested?

• Email prefered, fax acceptable. Please do not call. Feel free to email to check the job is still available before you send an application

A full version of this is also available at:



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